Putting our money where our mouth is…

Some of our long time customers have noticed that we have officially changed our jars from the old 120ml size to the new 60ml size.
This was neither an easy, nor a quick decision!
As the producers of a natural toothpaste product, we strive to use only the most premium ingredients, and intentionally leave out any ingredients that do not directly benefit YOUR oral health care.
This means you will not find any emulsifiers, glycerin, or other shelf stabilizing ingredients in our products.
With this in mind, it is easy to understand our products unique consistency.
Just like many natural products, especially natural peanut butter, our product will need a little bit of love and attention over time. This love comes in the form of stirring the toothpaste to keep the consistency right as you get to the bottom of the jar.
With the larger 120ml jars we often receivied feedback from customers that their toothpaste was drying out, and they found it hard to use as they reached the end of each jar.
Once we introduced the smaller 60ml size, it was the complaints that dried up!
We found the magic number in terms of how quickly customers were going through their product, and just about completely eliminated the frustration of dried out toothpaste!
*insert angels singing*
Our customers love the 60ml size, AND and it falls under the 100ml limit for airline carry-on, so it even travels better!

What about the price?

The price is a little higher than it used to be – that’s true.
Since the very humble beginnings of Nelson Naturals we have always done whatever it takes to keep the price of our product as low as possible. Our mantra being that the more affordable our product is, the more people will use it. It has been five years, and we still feel the same way.
The fact is, we use only high quality ingredients, and over the five years we’ve been around, those prices have gone up a little, and we’re a small (but growing!) Canadian company.
And as such, we feel it’s our duty to provide our community with jobs that pay a fair wage, and pricing our toothpaste products correctly is how we can do that.

When you cruise the aisles of your grocery store, or natural health food store it’s hard not to price compare. We all do it.
However, we ask you to look beyond the price tag and consider the source.
How big is the company? Is it Canadian? What kind of ingredients do they use?
There are many companies, such as Toms (which has been owned by Colgate since 2007), whose prices we simply cannot compete with – because we feel our product stands alone in it’s category.
We do not use mass produced plastic tubing, which would help to keep our costs down, but would likely leach chemicals into your toothpaste and add to landfill waste. We use recyclable, reusable glass jars. These decisions come at a cost. A cost we feel is essential to maintain the integrity of our products.

In the end we are so proud of what we have created. A product that speaks for itself; different, unique, safe, effective, and made with heart and soul, all here in Canada.
We want to thank YOU, our truly amazing customers for giving us a shot, believing in what we do, and letting us prove ourselves and our product to you.
We hope that you will continue to support us in the future by voting with your dollars and putting your money where your mouth is!
(which also just so happens to be where your teeth are)