Imperfectly Perfect Products

Our mission to reduce waste

As a company that strives to reduce waste and environmental impact by any means necessary we would like to introduce our new "imperfectly perfect" products. 

Sometimes referred to as “seconds”, these are products that didn't quite pass our strict quality control measures.

Seconds are only available from time to time. 

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What does imperfectly perfect mean?

Here are some examples of what could cause us to classify a product as a “second”

• Crooked or problematic label

• Over-filled jar

• Scratched or dented lid 

• Cracked or broken tablets

Note: some of these products may have shorter best before dates, but none will be less than 2 months out. 

We are now offering these products to our customers at an unheard of 50% discount.

We all want to reduce waste and who doesn't love a 50% discount?

Due to the nature of these products you will be able to choose either the “toothpaste” or “tablet” category but not the flavour. You can order up to 2 seconds and we will do our best to create a varied selection of products.

Giving back to our clients and reducing our footprint

We are committed not only to bringing you the best natural toothpaste products but to reducing our environmental impact wherever possible.

How to purchase

These products are only available to purchase as an add-on item for customers who are purchasing $19 or more of regularly priced items.

Once you have $19 in your cart you will be presented with a POP UP that will take you to a page where you can add the seconds products. 

There is a limit of 2 items per order (for regular jars); limit of 1 per order (for bulk jar)


All Seconds are considered final sale. 


You will not be able to choose the flavour of what you receive but you will be able to choose between Toothpaste or Tablets. (for regular jars)

 Only orders with $19 or more of regularly priced products will be processed.  If an order comes in with only seconds or regular items totalling less than $19 our system will automatically cancel it unfortunately.


 Thank you for being amazing customers and helping us reduce waste!