"I love your activated charcoal. I work at a dental office and its the only thing other than a professional cleaning that truly gets my teeth so clean (maybe even better)"

Charlene from Ontario via email


"I absolutely love this product! My teeth were noticeably whiter after the second use! I usually use this at night and I wake up with a bright white smile!"

Matthew (review on well.ca, Activated Charcoal)


"Effective product - not a drastic change but definitely still visible. What is amazing is that it's already a paste so it's definitely not as messy as powder."

Sama (review on well.ca, Activated Charcoal)


"Myself and my partner used this nightly for 3 weeks. A noticeable improvement in gum health and coffee stain removal. A tolerable baking soda taste that leaves my mouth feeling cleaner than typical toothpaste. Will purchase again."

Julie (review on well.ca, Activated Charcoal)


"Amazing! Wish I'd tried it sooner. Worth the money. My teeth were whiter and my gums were healthier within weeks. I don't mind the taste - but best of all it's fun to use! If you have a partner with a sense of humour the charcoal toothpaste smile is actually a hilarious way to end the day by making silly faces at each other."

Cynthia (review on well.ca, Activated Charcoal)


"Really works!' I use nightly"

Sally (review on well.ca, Activated Charcoal)


"A little goes a long way; I use it every few days to supplement my regular toothpaste. : )"

Willow (review on well.ca, Activated Charcoal)


"Been using this brand for about 6 months now and LOVE it. My dentist was really impressed at how great my teeth and gums were on my last check up. I really like the Thivery and and Charcoal ones. I will only use this stuff from now on."

David G  (review on well.ca, Activated Charcoal)


"I am really enjoying this to clean my teeth. I think they are whiter already. My dental hygienist said my teeth are great. Leaves a good taste and feel in my mouth"

Kathy (review on well.ca, Activated Charcoal)


"I was surprised at how well this toothpaste cleans my teeth and how fresh my mouth feels afterwards. Great product! Even better than Colgate or Crest. I'm definitely going to use this again."

Crystal (review on well.ca, Activated Charcoal)


"After 2 weeks I noticed a difference! Works great!"

Cathleen (review on well.ca, Activated Charcoal)


"I read all of these reviews before purchasing and thought there is no way it could work as good as everyone says, but it seriously does! Amazing i noticed an instant change and my teeth looked dramatically cleaner and whiter"

Erica (review on well.ca, Activated Charcoal)


"Love this product! -My teeth feel great, clean bright, and I love the jar! we use a little spoon and scoop it on our brushes! We be buying again! (however a little bit goes a long way!)"

Heather (review on well.ca, Activated Charcoal)


"Yes messy but wow does it ever work!!"

Bryanne (review on well.ca, Activated Charcoal)


"great peppermint flavour, haven't noticed any teeth whitening but it does make my teeth feel very clean."

Kerry (review on well.ca, Activated Charcoal)


"love it! whitens great, tastes fine."

Laura (review on well.ca, Activated Charcoal)


"Love this stuff! Definitely made a difference in whiteness of my teeth and I find that my mouth feels fresher when I wake up the mornings after I use it than it does after traditional tooth paste. You do have to learn to spit into your sink very gently though.....and you look hilarious if you grin at the mirror with a mouth full of it. :)"

Erin (review on well.ca, Activated Charcoal)


"Great way to get your teenagers to brush their teeth longer than they ever have - how fun it is to have black teeth! And it works great too!"

Renee (review on well.ca, Activated Charcoal)


"Agree with the statement on the label - BEST TOOTHPASTE YOU WILL EVER USE - truly amazed, suffered from hurting gums. bad breath, etc - NO MORE!!!! For myself use it in the morning and before bed and my teeth are even whiter. Make a mess, smile and have fun while brushing. The ingredient listing and description reflects the truth as I use this product. The price also allows one to use lots adding to the pleasure. Thank you Nelson Naturals for this great toothpaste"

Nicole (review on well.ca, Activated Charcoal)


"I'm very impressed with this! I can already notice a difference in my teeth. They feel super clean after and are definitely getting whiter! I would absolutely repurchase it!"

Joleen (review on well.ca, Activated Charcoal)


"Love the taste, not to messy, makes teeth feel really clean."

Elaine (review on well.ca, Activated Charcoal)


"Definitely notice a difference in the whiteness, but my mouth also feels clean and healthy after. Definitely recommend."

Jessica (review on well.ca, Activated Charcoal)


"I use this every night. I've noticed my teeth are whiter but more importantly it seems to have helped the health of my mouth. My super sensitive gums feel so much better."

Victoria (review on well.ca, Activated Charcoal)


"It got my son's teeth noticeably whiter after one use. I will definitely order it again."

Shannon (review on well.ca, Activated Charcoal)


"I'm used to brushing with the powder version of Activated charcoal once or twice a week.....this product makes it easier.....I LIKE!!!

Will definitely reorder...."

Cindy (review on well.ca, Activated Charcoal)


"Impressive, yes as it is stated on the product, it is a little messy and hard to rinse, I mean, i have to gargle multiple times to remove all the black, especially btw my teeth and mouth, but it actually works amazingly. It is not harsh, my gums and lips are extremely sensitive and get raw with many dental product, especially the whitening ones. I was scared that it would be grainy and potentially too abrasive to the surface of teeth, but it does not seem bad. I use it every 2 days in case, just to make sure. It is seriously impressive, your teeth will be WHITE in 30 sec."

Elizabeth (review on well.ca, Activated Charcoal)


"Pleasantly surprised with this product. I assumed that it was a powder but it is actually a paste. I had been using activated charcoal powder on its own but this is way better."

Jamie (review on well.ca, Activated Charcoal)


"I saw results the first time I used it. I was very impressed. It does take time to get your teeth super white.

The label says it's messy and they aren't lying.

I would buy it again."

Jen (review on well.ca, Activated Charcoal)


"I love using it and helps with whitening your teeth but it takes little bit of time to get those pearly whites. Will buy it again..Great mint aftertaste :)"

D (review on well.ca, Activated Charcoal)



Jacqueline (review on well.ca, Fennel 60 ml)


"Love this toothpaste! I will add an extra brushing session to my day - just to enjoy this clean after-brush feel. The taste is a little salty with a strong hint of fennel (a plus in my case), the texture is quite liquid, so it takes very little to cover the brush."

Vira (review on well.ca, Fennel 60 ml)


"I really like this toothpaste. I feel like my teeth are really clean after using it. The flavour isn't very strong, which might be good for some, but I think I might try the mint next time. Will definitely order again. Also love that it's in a glass jar."

Susan (review on well.ca, Cinnamon 60 ml)


"Despite reviews on Well, and elsewhere, I still expected it wouldn't compare to commercial brands. Fluoride toothpastes were doing nothing for me, cavity-wise; popular natural brands were disappointing: I had to use large quantities of paste and brush multiple times before my teeth felt comparably clean. Blown away by how different the Nelson's paste is, and how white my teeth are in less than a week. If you smoke or drink coffee, you'll be further amazed at how well it works on stains. I hate the taste of baking soda, but this is actually quite pleasant-tasting. It does need to be stirred with a small wooden stick every few days to ensure flavour consistency. Totally hooked. Telling everyone I know to give it a try."

Kingston (review on well.ca, Cinnamon 60 ml)


"Not what I expected, it's actually better than what I expected."

Charmayne (review on well.ca, Thievery 60 ml)


"I love that it is in a jar, different taste than what I am use to but all the natural ingredients have me hooked. I will be trying the other flavors"

Cindy (review on well.ca, Spearmint 60 ml)


"Wow! Love the convenience of the packaging and the toothpaste.. it just feels RIGHT!"

Margarita (review on well.ca, Spearmint 60 ml)


"in my effort to reduce my footprint i love the glass jar. the texture is great for a natural toothpaste and i still feel like my teeth are getting a great clean! worth it 100%"

Tara (review on well.ca, Spearmint 60 ml)


"I like this toothpaste - the mild taste and that it is in a glass jar. Make sure you close the lid every time properly or it will dry out. I usually use my own tooth powder but now I will use this toothpaste as well on a regular basis."

Ls (review on well.ca, Spearmint 60 ml)


"I've been using this toothpaste for a week now and love it. My teeth feel really clean every time I use it. I even like the salty taste of the toothpaste."

Jennifer (review on well.ca, Spearmint 60 ml)


"I like this much more than other natural toothpastes. Great antibacterial, my gums feel so much better since I have been using this. NO more bleeding !!"

Karen (review on well.ca, Spearmint 60 ml)


"Likely my favourite toothpaste I've ever used, so far. You can notice that baking soda presence but it's not bad with the Spearmint oil. And when I saw not bad, I mean it. Even my 3 and 6 year olds like this toothpaste! First time I used it, my teeth felt so clean and looked brighter. maybe not whiter right away, but cleaner. I'll be re-ordering for sure!"

Brenda (review on well.ca, Spearmint 60 ml)


"Excellent in my opinion......you can eat immediately after without the food tasting weird as with regular toothpaste....will definitely re-order..."

Cindy (review on well.ca, Spearmint 60 ml)


"Cleans well and I like that it's natural. However, the flavour and texture does take some getting used to. It tastes good but is just different than the regular toothpastes."

Elizabeth (review on well.ca, Spearmint 60 ml)


"I really like this product. Clean, healthy teeth! I also really appreciate that the only plastic packaging is a small tamper seal around the top."

Jennifer (review on well.ca, Spearmint 60 ml)