Moringa Mineral Rich Toothpaste - Forest Fresh 60ml  - nelsonnaturals remineralizing toothpaste

Moringa Mineral Rich Toothpaste - Forest Fresh 60ml

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We're beyond excited to introduce you to the newest member of our tribe... Moringa! Our latest formula combines the power of Moringa, Iodine & Bentonite Clay for ultra effective teeth & gum support.

🌱 Moringa is a nutrient & mineral powerhouse. It's ability to remineralize and support bone health as well as fight gingivitis makes it a super addition to your daily brushing routine.

🌱 Iodine is a member of the Halogen family (same as Fluoride) & has many amazing dental benefits & is used to combat periodontal gum disease but is not used in toothpaste… Until now.

🌱 Bentonite Clay is used to absorb stains and acts as a mild abrasive. Its like a detox for your mouth!

With the remineralizing properties of Moringa, the bacteria busting properties of Iodine combined with the detoxifying properties of Bentonite we believe this will be one of the best brushes you’ve ever had, In fact, we guarantee it!

Product Note: We strive to keep our formulas as clean as possible by using only the highest quality ingredients.

You won’t find any fillers, stabilizers, humectants or emulsifiers in any of our products. 

This may cause a small amount of golden coloured oil (Peppermint, Spruce or Moringa Seed oil) to raise to the surface of the toothpaste… and that is TOTALLY NORMAL!
If this is the case with your jar, simply stir and use as you normally would. 
Sometimes natural products need a bit more love, and we think that the little bit of extra effort is more than worth it.