Raven Roast Chaga Mate (caffeinated) 150g

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You want vitamins, antioxidants, trace minerals AND a delicious blend to help starve off those coffee cravings?

We got you.

Raven Roast Chaga Mate is rich, nutritious, and satisfying. Our ethically sourced Chaga is wild harvested in Chilcotin Country BC by a group working directly with Tsilhqot'n Nation Elders. Blended with energizing Yerba Mate, nutrient rich Guatemalan Ramon Nut, and fragrant French Chicory, it is the perfect wake-me-up.

Delicious and invigorating plain, or rich and luxurious with cream and sugar!

Raven Roast Chaga Mate is naturally caffeinated with shade grown Brazilian Yerba Mate. Invigorate and energize your day without burn out!

*We strive to make sure all of our organic ingredients and ethically and sustainably sourced*

Ingredients: Organic Ramon Nut, Organic Chicory Root, Organic Yerba Mate, Organic Chaga Mushroom

    Comes in a reusable, refillable tin that looks great on a shelf and helps promote low waste. 

    Raven Roast is an enriching delicious coffee alternative that uses organic roasted herbs and cocoa to naturally promote energy, stamina, and wellness. It is formulated by an herbalist to mimic the flavour of coffee as well as provide nutrient to help the body restore itself. Raven Roast is available in caffeinated and non-caffeinated formulas. It is a satisfying, lovely beverage to enjoy morning, noon, and night.



    *Raven Roast is a company based in Slocan Valley, British Columbia that hand-crafts herbal coffee alternatives.

    Highly effective plastic free personal care.

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