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Sample Pack (6 Flavours)

Can't decide what to order?

Try 6 flavours of Nelson Naturals 60 ml and get a healthy discount.

This item comes with all of our amazing formulas with the exception of the children's.

We are happy to customize this deal. please just specify which 6 flavours you would like in the notes on checkout. If nothing is noted we will send one of each: Spearmint, Fennel, Cinnamon, Thievery, 60 ml Activated charcoal peppermint, and one 60ml Moringa Forest Fresh

Any flavour combo can be requested with the following limitations: Only 30 ml activated charcoals can be substituted for standard 60ml flavours. This package comes with one Moringa, unfortunately we can't substitute additional Moringa for other flavors.

This is the Most Effective Natural Toothpaste You Can Buy… Guaranteed ! 

Nelson Naturals mineral rich toothpaste combines powerful and effective ingredients to create a product that is not only as good but better than chemical based toothpastes. 

Ingredients include Colloidal Silver, Xylitol and Liquid Trace minerals to give you the most effective toothpaste available.